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Director – School of Art and Design – The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

2020 to 2022 : Chair – Department of Art and Digital Media – Bethany College Kansas

Mortvedt Award for Teaching Innovation and Campus Leadership (Awarded by the College Faculty Once Every 10 Years)

Taught the following courses while Department Chair:

DA102 Introduction to the Animation Pipeline

DA311 Digital Figure Drawing for Animators

AR100 Introduction to the Visual Arts for Non-Majors

BQ101 Bethany Quest (Freshman level course designed to assist in the transitions from high school to college life.)

BQ310 Bethany Transfer Quest (Junior level course specifically designed to assist community college transferring students.)

ID201R History, Culture and Game Design Concepts (A research driven course designed to help incoming college students make innovative connections between history, culture, and game design.)

2019 to 2020: Interim Dean of the College, Bethany College Kansas, Lindsborg, KS

2016 to 2019: Chair – Department of Digital Media – Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS

2012 to 2016: Director – Bethany College at MindFire, Satellite Campus – Wichita, KS

2013 to 2014: Chair – Bethany College Applied Arts Department – Kansas City, MO

2010 to 2013: Chair – Department of Art – Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS

Mingenback Distinguished Professor of Art (Awarded by the Fine Arts Faculty)

Taught the following courses while Department Chair:

AR 395 – Gallery Practice (Gallery Management Course)

AR 391Online – Media Arts Practice (Professional Development Course)

AR 109 3D Computer Modeling

Academic Committees – Previously Served:

                                       Faculty Grievance Committee

                                        Program Assessment Committee

                                        Student Diversity Committee

                                         Faculty Policies Committee

                                         Faculty Representative to the Dean of Admissions                                 

Student Organizations – Previously Served:

                                        Faculty Advisor – Student Art Club (Voted Best Student Organization 2004 – 2005)

                                        Faculty Advisor – Multicultural Student Union

                                        Student organization centered on campus diversity issues and international cultural awareness

Courses taught 1999 to 2010:

AR 100 Introduction to Visual Arts – Online

AR 105 Basic Design

AR 107 3D Explorations in Metals and Fibers/3D Design

AR 340 Sculpture Issues

AR 396C Sculpture Focus (Senior Emphasis)

AR 171 Fundamentals of Web Design

CO101 Bethany Seminar (Freshman College Experience Course)