Drawings and Notes

Just finalized a few new sculptural idea drawings with the new Cintiq pen monitor. It is actually very interesting how drawing with a tablet works with pressure sensitivity; very similar to drawing on paper. Although studies and notes for possible fabrications, these drawings can be printed for exhibition or projections. The current drawings also employ limited color variations and are influenced by my trip the past summer to Santa Fe and Utah.

Over the past several years I have utilized the column as a base to work from. As a religious Jew it serves for me as metaphor for the importance of singularity, formal simplistic universal order, symbolic intercessor between heaven and earth, all powerful narratives for designs. Good sculpture like good stories need good beginnings, strong endings, and intersecting plots. I feel the column lends itself well for the display of such attributes. The column, the obelisk, the totem pole, the cross, the piling of stones on a Jewish grave, artifacts and fossils embedded in natural rock formations, are all fascinating markers of a past existence heavily influencing my work. Stones, twigs, horns, river channels, rock formations and plateaus developed by wind and rain, suggest gateways – portals to the past.

Ed Pogue